1000 Common Japanese Words for Anki or Mnemosyne

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The most popular post on JapaneseWords.net has been 1000+ Japanese Words List. As the title suggests, the post contains a list of over 1000 common Japanese Words and Kanji. I am proud to announce that the list has just gotten much better.

This list is available for Anki and Mnemosyne. In addition to making the list usable in Anki and Mnemosyne, it is divided into multiple lists (English to Hiragana, Hiragana to English, English to Kanji, etc). The ability to use Anki will allow you to study over 1000 common words and kanji in a very efficient manner.

I have included two files below. One is in “mem” format (Mnemosyne format) and the other in txt format. Either one can be imported into Anki.


Japanese Word Lists

Click Here to download Mnemosyne format

Click Here to download txt format

Japanese Study Tip

When dealing with a list of this size it can be a little bit overwhelming. Setting up a study schedule and a goal will prove to be very helpful. For instance, you might try to learn 5 or 10 new words a day. Or choose the date of completion and then figure out the number of words you will need to remember each day!

Tips On Using Mnemosyne To Study Japanese

This post was originally about how to best use Mnemosyne as a study tool to help you learn Japanese faster. They say the best time to review something is right before you forget it. Mnemosyne is a flash card program program that uses an algorithm to help you do just that. Increasing the speed that you can learn new Japanese words and phrases.

Unfortunately, I had a hacker attack my server and have lost a few posts. On the good side, I am currently trying out a very similar program called Anki. Once I have spent a little more time with it, I will review both and write another post on how to best use them. In the meantime please feel free to sign up to my rss feed to make sure you don’t miss the post!

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