5 Tips to Make Studying Japanese Easier

In the last post I talked about the importance of frequency of study when learning Japanese. The more often you study, the quicker you will learn Japanese. The easier it is for you to study, and to get at your study materials, the more likely it is that you will actually sit down and study. Below are a few tips to keep your Japanese study materials handy and make sure you don’t skip your study sessions.

  • Keep your materials out- It is always good to be tidy and put things away. However, if your study materials are not in plain view then you will be less likely to studying. Out of site out of mind. Find a place to store them that is in view and easy to get to.
  • Study reminders- I have found it best to designate a specific time each day to study. To make sure you don’t forget, set up various reminders. This can be as simple as leaving a post it note where you will constantly see it (on your computer or refrig) or setting up alarms on your cell phone or calendar.
  • Minimize your study Materials- I love to collect Japanese study materials. I felt the more materials that I had the more I would learn. The problem is that when you get too many you don’t know where you should start and what you should study. Not knowing where to start can keep you from not starting at all. Keep your study and your materials very simple and it will be easier to get started (and to finish).
  • Enjoy your study time- Try to have fun while you are studying and don’t take it “too” serious”. If you enjoy the time you study Japanese you will be a lot more likely to continue studying without missing a study period. Also, don’t forget to give yourself small rewards when you complete your goals. Rewarding yourself for finishing¬† is a great way to help enforce new habits.
  • Start now- If you are thinking that you need to create a good study schedule or to get back on track, then there is no better time to start than now. Starting now puts you on track and doesn’t let you forget about it.

In the beginning you may find it difficult to keep to a frequent schedule, but the longer you maintain it the easier it gets. And of course the more often you study the easier you will retain the Japanese words and phrases and the Japanese characters you are learning.