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If you have come to this page then you are here because you want to learn Japanese!¬†First off, let me say “good for you”! The Japanese language is a fun language to learn and the better you can speak the more you can get involved with the fascinating Japanese culture.

Now to be completely honest, learning Japanese (or any language) takes work, but the benefits and rewards are worth it. Having studied, worked, and lived in Japan for several years, I can definitely attest to the benefits and opportunities that learning Japanese have given me. And if you are here on Japanese Words, then you are here because you want to learn. That really makes a difference!

So now that you have decided to learn Japanese, where do you get started?


Get the right materials!


As with anything, the materials matter! If you aren’t learning the right things, it doesn’t matter how hard you study, you won’t get better. That can be quite frustrating. This is further complicated by the number of programs that are offered. Many of which are several hundred dollars. But just because they cost more, doesn’t mean you get more! Having used many programs over the years, I can say that a lot of them just plain don’t work.

The problem with most programs is that they are incomplete, don’t have enough material, and are not well organized. I prefer step by step so I know exactly what I need to do.

So what do I recommend?

I recommend a program called Rocket Japanese.

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I like the program for two reasons:

It is a complete program suite that includes everything you need and is well organized

  • The lessons are well laid out and include video, audio, and notes
  • Native Japanese Speakers
  • In addition to the course materials, there are also additional functions that allow you to take notes, practice, review and keep all of your materials together
  • A whole set of materials on how to keep yourself motivated and become a better learner
  • Great Support
  • Learn when and where you want
  • Online and available on CD
The Price
  • This is a full program that sells for a fraction of what other programs that offer less sell for.
  • 60 day money back guarantee and a free trial
  • Additional bonuses

So, what’s the next step?


Well, if you are serious about really learning and speaking Japanese, then click the link below and purchase the program. You have up to 60 days to test it and see if you like it with no risk.

Once you have the program, use it often along with the resources on this site to quickly get yourself to a basic speaking level. That’s when the fun really starts to happen.

Click here to purchase and Start Learning Japanese Today


If you purchase Rocket Japanese through this site I get a portion of the sale which goes towards keeping this site up and running. I feel you will be happy with the program and your support is much appreciated.