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Learn Japanese While We are Stuck Inside Because of the Corona Virus

Learn Japanese While We are Stuck Inside Because of the Corona Virus

Multiple months have passed since we first started hearing about the Corona Virus and there is a lot of uncertainty in the world. Many of us are stuck in the house trying to figure out if this will ever be over.

Since we are stuck inside, we might as well use our time well. With all the extra time, its a great time to study Japanese. Japanesepod101 is offering big discounts on their Japanese learning program. Click here to get started learning Japanese for free.


If you are like many people who find yourself with more hours in the day, you can break your study time into two segments. The idea is that you get more repetition, more time each day involved with Japanese. The more time you spend thinking and studying Japanese, the quicker you will learn. The faster you learn, the easier learning Japanese becomes.

Take Breaks

Take advantage of the extra time, but don’t wear yourself out. Take breaks, give yourself time to digest, and don’t over do it.

When I first started learning Japanese, I would study for really long periods of time a day. There are two major problems with this. One, a person’s ability to focus is limited to about 15-20 minutes. The other is that you can get burnt out. Pace yourself. Shorter study sessions that you do more often is better.

Have Fun

If you are having fun, then you will be more likely to keep going. You will also be more likely to remember what you are learning. Learning Japanese is hard work, but it shouldn’t feel like it. Play games, talk with people, use fun study materials, and learn Japanese about things you like.

Start Learning Japanese today.

Japanesepod101 Black Friday Sale

Japanesepod101 Black Friday Sale

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**Disclaimer: I get a percentage of sales made through the links on this page which helps support this site. Having said that, I believe this is a good program and would not recommend it otherwise. **

I wrote about this yesterday, but Black Friday is here, and Japanesepod101 has an amazing deal. They are offering 51% OFF their Japanese language suites. Each one containing Japanese lessons, words, grammar, and fun material you can take with you and learn on the go.

I often talk about finding short spaces in your day to fit in Japanese study. It is better to study once or twice a day for 10 minutes than once a week for two hours. This program makes that possible. It allows you to learn anywhere.

Click here to get Japanesepod101 at 51% OFF

If you choose the premium plus package, you even have access to 1 on 1 Japanese teacher. Both the Premium and Premium plus plans give you 2000 words to study, as well as a ton of grammar, fun lessons, and spaced-repetition flash cards.

Investments in yourself are the ones that last the longest and mean the most. Learning Japanese isn’t easy, but it is worth it. It opens up amazing opportunities. Japanesepod101 helps make learning Japanese funner and makes it much easier to learn on the go.

Click here to get Japanesepod101 at 51% OFF

Happy Thanksgiving and a Great Deal

Happy Thanksgiving and a Great Deal

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**Disclaimer: I get a percentage of sales made through the links on this page which helps support this site. Having said that, I believe this is a good program and would not recommend it otherwise. **

I hope you are having a wonderful day and for those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been about two weeks since I returned to the US from Japan and it has gotten cold. We already have our first snow. Japan was also unusually warm while I was there, as seen by the typhoon that hit. The temperature started dropping about the time that we left Tokyo, so Japan will soon be in winter as well.

Japanese Pod101 Black Friday Sale

For those not aware, the day after Thanksgiving in the US, which is always held on a Thursday, is called Black Friday. Stores hold major sales with deep discounts and shoppers go crazy.

This year, Japanesepod101 is offering 51% off of its Japanese language learning suite on Black Friday. It’s a great program, and it’s the biggest discount I have ever seen from them.

Click here to get Japanesepod101 at 51% OFF

There is no better investment than investing in yourself. I feel this is especially true when learning a language. Learning Japanese has allowed me to study and work in Japan, travel throughout Japan, and create amazing relationships. Putting in the time to learn Japanese is one of the best investments I have made in my life.

This is a great program with lots of content at a great price. It is definitely worth it. If you are able to get this program, I recommend you do. If not, do something today to study at least a little Japanese. Watch some anime, read some books, or watch Youtube. Small investments add up to make a big difference

Click here to get Japanesepod101 at 51% OFF and invest in your future.

Is Fear Slowing Your Japanese Language Progress?

Is Fear Slowing Your Japanese Language Progress?

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I have a close Japanese friend who has been learning English for over 10 years. I know that she has been learning for at least 10 years because she was a pretty good speaker when she first attended my class nearly 10 years ago.

Though she doesn’t have the opportunity on a daily basis, she speaks very well. Well enough that she could find a job using English in Japan. In fact, I recommended that she do so.

She says she needs to study more. That she needs to study more grammar and that she doesn’t speak good enough to do anything serious.

The truth is that she is afraid. Afraid she won’t understand. Afraid she will be embarrassed. Afraid everyone will find out how bad at English she really is.

She is so busy being afraid and focusing on what she doesn’t know, she can’t see how much she really does. It’s a perception problem created by fear.

Fear Stops Opportunity

In order to learn Japanese, or any language, you have to be willing to get out of your comfort range. If you try to learn all of the grammar structures and words before you start speaking, you’ll never start speaking. And it’s important to start speaking as soon as possible. You should start speaking on day one.

The earlier you start speaking Japanese in your studies, the faster you will learn.

But fear stops us from pursuing speaking opportunities and engaging with Japanese speakers. It makes us think, what if I make a mistake? What if they laugh at me? What if I can’t understand? It’s the voice that says “don’t try to speak to them, just keep your eyes down”.

Fear pulls our focus to what we might not know and the bad things that might happen. It forces us to overestimate the negatives and underestimate the positives.

For example, the humor of making a mistake when speaking Japanese will strengthen the bond you have with that person and it will help you remember the correct way to say it. The chance that person is offended because your English isn’t perfect is near zero.

How to Get Over Fear of Speaking Japanese

Getting rid of fear is both difficult and simple. It’s difficult because it requires doing the thing you are afraid of and simple because you know exactly what to do. If you are afraid of speaking Japanese, speak Japanese.

Yes, you will make mistakes. You will mispronounce, and not understand, and misunderstand, but you will learn, and you will have fun. You will get better. You will learn where you need to study more and where you are strong.

You Can’t Get Better If you Stay in Your Comfort Zone

After my friend explained to me that her English skills weren’t good enough to pursue the opportunities we discussed, she told me that she wished someone could speak with her and tell her where she needs to improve. She feels she isn’t good enough, but she isn’t sure where to improve.

I went through this myself. I felt that my Japanese wasn’t as good as it should be. But I wasn’t sure what I needed to learn to make it better. I was living in Japan. I spoke Japanese 100% of the time, and yet, I still felt I wasn’t good enough. If only someone could tell me exactly what I needed to learn to get better.

It has been ten years since I remember feeling that way. I have had some time to think about it and reflect on it. I have also read dozens of books on learning, language, and habits since then and put that knowledge to use to learn new skills.

Here is what I realized: This feeling comes when you want to get better, but are afraid to get out of your comfort zone and go to the next level.

You feel you aren’t good enough for the next level and instead of trying and learning, you try to first gain more skills. But since you don’t experience the next level, you don’t know what you need to learn. If you knew, you’d be getting better rather than worrying.

Fear creates a vicious circle. You are afraid you aren’t good enough, so you don’t try. And you don’t get better because you don’t try.

Try, Fail, Try Again

Failing is not the worst thing, failing to try is. If you try, then you learn. This knowledge makes you smarter, better, and more likely to succeed the next time.

You can’t learn Japanese if you think you must speak perfectly. You have to make mistakes to learn. It’s part of the process. This is true in anything we do.

Get used to failing and making mistakes. Think of it as a game. Try, fail, make adjustments with the knowledge you gained from failing, and try again.

You Decide Your Japanese Level

Only you can decide your Japanese speaking level. No one else. You decide how much you learn and when you stop learning.

But be careful, because the decision to stop learning can be an unconscious one. You may still be studying, but if you stop getting out of your comfort zone, if you stop being mindful about your learning, you will stop improving.

My friend has two business opportunities in front of her. Both of them involve English. Both of them are great opportunities and are a strong match for her skills.

They both require her to grow and learn and get out of her comfort zone. Until she does, she will feel her English isn’t good enough and she won’t know where she needs to improve until she tries.

But if she takes the challenge she will find most of what she fears wasn’t real. It won’t be scary anymore because the unknown will be known. Once it’s known, she can learn it and practice it.

Japanesepod101 promotion 30% off ends today

Japanesepod101 promotion 30% off ends today

**Disclaimer: I get a percentage of sales made through the links on this page which helps support this site. Having said that, I believe this is a good program and would not recommend it otherwise. **

Japanesepod101 is currently running a 30% off Thanksgiving deal on their basic, premium, and premium plus plans. You get access to a ton of Japanese Learning materials and lessons. Depending on the tier you choose, you can even get one-on-one mentoring from a Japanese instructor.

You can purchase the program here: Japanesepod101

I was in Japan for the last several weeks and am getting to this late. The sale ends today, November 22. So, if you are ready to learn Japanese, make sure you purchase today.

In addition to a ton of other materials and lessons, the premium and premium plus plans come with a word list of 2000 common Japanese words. Plug them into Anki and start learning today.

There is no reason to wait for the new year to start a resolution. No matter what it is, there is no better time to take action than today. The decisions we make today affect our outcomes in the future.

Regardless of whether you purchase this program or not, take some action today to work on improving your Japanese.

There is no secret to Learning Japanese. You have to put in the time. Programs like Japanesepod101 make it a little easier and a little funner.

Subscribe to Japanesepod101 and start learning Japanese today.

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Remembering the Kanji Update

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Last month I created a post about my goal to learn all 2042 kanji in the book Remembering the Kanji. I set a goal of December 31 as my finish date. With only two months to finish, I had to learn about 35-40 Kanji a day in order to make the deadline. With only 12 days to go will I finish in time?

The simple answer is no. I currently sit at about 1300 kanji and will have learned about 1500-1600 by the end of December. Unfortunately, there were days I wasn’t able to study and that put me behind schedule. Am I¬†disappointed? Definitely not. In fact, I think this is a great example of why setting big goals and falling short can be a lot better than setting small goals and achieving them.

Learning 35-40 Kanji a day is a huge task. Instead, let’s say that I had been more reasonable and tried to learn 5 or 10 kanji a day. Still a formidable project. Even if I had succeeded I would only have learned 300-600 kanji. Not to mention that 10 kanji a day would take 200 days, and 5 a day would take over a year. I would be much more likely to give up.

Being at 1300 kanji, and knowing that I am over halfway there is a great feeling. It gives me the motivation I need to keep going. I’m nearly 70% there. Had I done 10 a day I would only be about 25% of the way.

Set goals that you have to strive for and try your best to accomplish them. In the end, even if you don’t achieve them you will be much further along than if you had chosen a much easier goal.

Here are some things for you to try. Just fill in the blank with a number that seems too much and try to accomplish it.

Study ________ new Japanese words a day.

Watch _______ hours of Japanese TV/Movies a day.

Speak to a native Japanese speaker _________ hour every day.

Learn _________ new Japanese phrases every day for 10 days.

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