How Japanese Words Can Help You Learn Japanese


Do you want to speed up your Japanese Learning?

Do you want to actually start speaking Japanese instead of just studying?

If so, you have come to the right place.

The truth is that not all study materials and study methods are the equal. Choosing the right methods and materials can be the difference between spending hour after hour studying, with little to no results and being able to carry on a conversation in Japanese.

Japanese Words is here to help you choose the materials that actually work and the methods to that will get you speaking.

Sound like fun?

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Who is Nick Lancaster?


Hi, I am Nick Lancaster, the author of Japanese Words.I love Japan and the Japanese culture and have been studying Japanese for almost 10 years now.

However, I still consider myself a student of Japanese and probably always will. My studies originally started as a student in the US, and then expanded as a study abroad student in Tokyo. I then returned to Japan to work in Tokyo for a University and now live as a blogger/entrepreneur on the small sup-tropical island of Miyakojima.

I have made many mistakes during my studies of Japanese. These mistakes have helped me become a much better language learner.

Most people hold the idea that they must spend several years to gain fluency in a language. However, if done properly and with hard study, a level of fluency can be reached in several months.

I started Japanese Words to help provide the information that will help Japanese learners get to that level.

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