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Adventures in Miyakojima: The Pumpkin Cave

Posted by on June 15, 2010 in Japanese words, living in japan | 2 comments

Well, we are now in the middle of June and the weather here in Miyakojima has really started to warm up. Which means it’s time for BBQs, snorkeling, diving, and all kinds of other outdoor activities. Since a lot of my friends and family don’t know what it’s like over here, I have decided to start shooting short videos on the different places and events that we go.

I have titled the series “Adventures in Miyakojima”. Since many of my family and friends don’t speak Japanese I am commentating in English, but there is also some speaking in Japanese as well. Check out the video and let me know what you think.


  1. What a great video! I am planning to go to Japan within the next 2 years and this insight is fantastic… Very informative and interesting and from a ‘normal’ viewpoint.
    It would be useful if it was downloadable as then I/we could watch it without it stalling while it refreshes and it could also be kept for reference.
    Many thanks for your efforts. Brilliant viewing!

  2. Daveena, I am glad you liked the video. While I wouldn’t really consider Miyakojima to be “regular” Japan, it is definitely beautiful here. I will be making more of these videos, so please subscribe so you don’t miss them. I don’t plan on taking them down, so they should be available to view on YouTube anytime.