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Since I started Japanese Words I have tried to give a lot of tips and information about how to learn Japanese. I have given tips on choosing books, study tools, study methods, studying the right words (including common words lists) and a few tips on grammar. The one thing I haven’t done is create videos teaching you how to speak Japanese. There is a good reason for this. I lack one very important credential: I am not a native Japanese speaker.

Yes, I studied abroad as a university student and now currently live and work in Japan. I speak Japanese everyday and conduct my daily activities in Japanese. But my spoken Japanese is not perfect, and almost no non-native Japanese speaker is. Even if they use all the right grammar and all the right words, they will almost always have an accent. And since you are trying to learn perfect Japanese, you need to hear perfect Japanese. This is something a non native Japanese speaker can’t provide.

I would even go one step further and say that you should learn from a native speaker who speaks the “standard” dialect. In Japan’s case this is the dialect spoken in the Kanto area (Tokyo and the surrounding areas).

Grammar can easily be learned from books, but how to actually speak and which expressions to use in the right situations and how to pronounce them correctly requires  practice with a native speaker.

For those who are wanting to find a native Japanese speaker to learn and practice Japanese, stay tuned….I will posting about this soon!