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1000 Common Japanese Words for Anki or Mnemosyne

Posted by on November 15, 2009 in Common Japanese Words, Japanese Study Tools, Japanese words | 15 comments

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The most popular post on JapaneseWords.net has been 1000+ Japanese Words List. As the title suggests, the post contains a list of over 1000 common Japanese Words and Kanji. I am proud to announce that the list has just gotten much better.

This list is available for Anki and Mnemosyne. In addition to making the list usable in Anki and Mnemosyne, it is divided into multiple lists (English to Hiragana, Hiragana to English, English to Kanji, etc). The ability to use Anki will allow you to study over 1000 common words and kanji in a very efficient manner.

I have included two files below. One is in “mem” format (Mnemosyne format) and the other in txt format. Either one can be imported into Anki.


Japanese Word Lists

Click Here to download Mnemosyne format

Click Here to download txt format

Japanese Study Tip

When dealing with a list of this size it can be a little bit overwhelming. Setting up a study schedule and a goal will prove to be very helpful. For instance, you might try to learn 5 or 10 new words a day. Or choose the date of completion and then figure out the number of words you will need to remember each day!


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    write me the word welcome in Japanese.

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    The Japanese word for Welcome is ようこそ.

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    your welcome: Douitashimashite

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    wat is the japanese for sorry?

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    I can not read the txt one. i’m getting the square boxed. what do i have to download?

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    Do you have Japanese support installed for your computer? If not, then I that might be your problem.

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    I am not quite sure what your question means?

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    Sorry in japanese – sumimasen

    Welcome would be yo(u)koso(u)

    (U) in brackets not pronounsed, but used as a prolongation of previous sound

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    Wats the meaning of change in japanese

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    The two links above for either the txt of mem format seems to return 0 byte files for me in Firefox. Is there a problem with these links now?

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    Sorry, there was a problem with one a link on the server. The links should be working now.

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    I have recently come to know about the Mnemosyne software and have just started using it. Can anyone tell me, how I can write Kanji on Mnemosyne to make Flashcard

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    Thank you for visiting Japanese words. I recommend you use Anki over Mnemosyne. It has a nicer interface and some additional features. You can find a video on installation and use here: Use Anki to Study Japanese. I hope that helps.

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    arigatou gazaimas for have this site because many people have learned

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    This blog post 1000 Common Japanese Words for Anki or
    Mnemosyne, offers truly fantastic advice and
    I discovered just what I had been browsing for.