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Here is Part three of Japanese adjectives in Sentences. Good luck and please leave comments if you have any questions. You can also find links to part 1 and 2 at the bottom of this post.

21    最近暑い日が続いていますね。
It’s been continuously hot lately.

22    北海道の夏は涼しいです。
Summer in Hokkaido is cool.

23    寒い冬に鍋は最高です。
There is nothing better than a hot pot in cold winter.
* 鍋= hot pot    It’s a common winter food that has various vegetables and meats boiled in a pot with soup.

24    ごはんは熱いうちに食べて下さい。
Please eat your meal while it’s still hot.
* ください is used with a verb in polite sentences.

26    暑い日には冷たい物が食べたい。
I want to eat something cold on a hot day.

27    いつまでも若くいたい。
I want to be young as long as possible.

28    この遊園地はとても広い。
This amusement park is very big.
*The meaning of 広い is spacious or wide

29    狭い所ですみませんが、お上がり下さい。
Sorry for the small space, but please come on in.
* This is often said when having somebody over to a house.
* 上がる=In this sentence, it means “ come on in (the house)”

30    彼は重い荷物を持って旅行にでかけました。
He left for his trip carrying heavy luggage.

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