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Japanese Adjectives in Sentences Part 2

Posted by on September 10, 2009 in Japanese Phrases, Japanese words | Comments Off on Japanese Adjectives in Sentences Part 2


Here is Part 2 of Japanese adjectives used in sentences. We should have the next 10 up by tomorrow. In case you missed the first10, you can find them here: Japanese Adjectives in Sentences Part 1. Please leave comments if you have any questions.

11    帰りが遅くなる。
I’ll come home late.

12    新宿駅はうちから遠い。
Shinjuku Station is far from my house.
* うち=casual way to say my house or home

13    近くのコンビニに行ってくるね。
I’m going to go to the close convenience store.
* Convenience store = コンビニ (a shorten version of コンビニエンスストア)

14    あの人の話はいつも長い。
That person always talks for a long time.

15    髪を短く切りたい。
I want to cut my hair short.
* If adjective is to modify a verb, the last letter い will change into く.

16    このジーパンはきつすぎる。
This pair of jeans is too tight.
*  〜すぎる= too (adjective)  When using with すぎる, the last letter い disappears.

17    暗い部屋でテレビをみるな。
Don’t watch TV in a dark room.

18    外はまだ明るい。
It’s still bright outside.

19    この木の幹はとても太い。
This tree’s trunk is very thick.

20    そうめんはうどんより細いです。
Soumen Noodles are thinner than Udon Noodles.
* です is used for polite conversations.


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