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Summer is the season of full of festivals and events in Japan. One of the most popular events is 花火大会 (fireworks display).  Each prefecture and city has their own local fireworks displays. Local people absolutely love the excitement of it!

I used to live in a city called Adachi-ku(足立区), a prefecture in Tokyo with one of the largest fireworks shows in the Kantou area! When I lived in Tokyo I attended this event every year with my family. My family would go by bike since there was no place to park due to the number of people, and brought お弁当 (food stuffed in boxes).  This year (sadly I wasn’t able to go because I live in Okinawa now) they shot off 12,000 fireworks in the sky of Adachi-ku within a single hour. The other great thing is that this is done at the river called Arakawa(荒川), so there is nothing to block your site. The fireworks also reflect off of the water to light up the area even more. Here is the video from this year’s Adachi-ku Fireworks Display.

If you are in Japan this month, it will be a great experience to go see a fireworks display. You can search for upcoming fireworks by region or city here (It is a Japanese site ) Literally tens of thousands of people gather to see one big fireworks display, so I’d recommend that you go there early to find good spot ;-). You can bring your own food or you can enjoy different food from 出店 (でみせ、 food stands). Have fun!

Also, wearing 浴衣(Yukata) for Summer festivals like this is very common. Yukata is a summer cotton kimono for men, women, and children, and it is much easier to put on and less expensive than regular Kimono.

Japanese Words List

花火 (はなび, Hanabi) – fireworks

花火大会 (はなびたいかい, Hanabi taikai) – fireworks display

夏 (なつ, Natsu) – Summer

浴衣 (ゆかた, Yukata) – Summer cotton Kimono (Kimono=Japanese traditional clothing)

出店 (でみせ, Demise) – Food stands, street stalls

お弁当 (おべんとう, Obentou) – Lunch or food stuffed in a box