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When I started Japanese Words I wanted to create a one-stop site to find all the best information, materials, and methods to study Japanese. I have been busy writing various articles on how to maximize your Japanese study, but haven’t had a lot of time to improve the website as a whole. In order to spend more time improving and developing the Japanese Words website I am bringing on another blogger, my wife,  Eri Kobayashi.

Eri is originally from Tokyo, but completed her college degree in California. After graduating, Eri worked in the US for a short period and then returned to work in the International environment of Tokyo. Here in Miyakojima, Eri teaches English part time at Juku (cram school) and enjoys snorkeling and hula.

Being a native Japanese speaker, as well as fluent in English,  Eri brings a unique point of view for studying Japanese. Having been a study abroad student herself she understands the challenges in learning a new language and in living in a foreign country. She will be writing about Japanese culture, the Japanese language, teaching new Japanese words, as well as blogging about some of various events here in Japan and Miyakojima.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

P.S. Eri and I will be attending a Orion Beer Festival today so pictures and article coming soon!