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Multiple months have passed since we first started hearing about the Corona Virus and there is a lot of uncertainty in the world. Many of us are stuck in the house trying to figure out if this will ever be over.

Since we are stuck inside, we might as well use our time well. With all the extra time, its a great time to study Japanese.


If you are like many people who find yourself with more hours in the day, you can break your study time into two segments. The idea is that you get more repetition, more time each day involved with Japanese. The more time you spend thinking and studying Japanese, the quicker you will learn. The faster you learn, the easier learning Japanese becomes.

Take Breaks

Take advantage of the extra time, but don’t wear yourself out. Take breaks, give yourself time to digest, and don’t over do it.

When I first started learning Japanese, I would study for really long periods of time a day. There are two major problems with this. One, a person’s ability to focus is limited to about 15-20 minutes. The other is that you can get burnt out. Pace yourself. Shorter study sessions that you do more often is better.

Have Fun

If you are having fun, then you will be more likely to keep going. You will also be more likely to remember what you are learning. Learning Japanese is hard work, but it shouldn’t feel like it. Play games, talk with people, use fun study materials, and learn Japanese about things you like.