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8 Days in Tokyo/Nagano/Nagoya

Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Learn Japanese, living in japan | 2 comments


I got back from my trip to Tokyo, Nagano, and Nagoya (just an afternoon in Nagoya) a few days ago. I wasn’t used to the cold and dry weather, so it’s quite nice to be back in Okinawa again.

Tokyo was fun, but it has been a while since I lived there and getting used to all the people wasn’t that easy. I did get to see the new Skytree tower and took a ton of video and pictures.

Of course it will take me a little bit to get the editing done and figure out how I want to layout the series of videos, but I think I will have some interesting video for you.

Also, thanks for everyone who submitted the survey. It was very helpful in choosing what to shoot.



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    I am very envious of you! (*^^*) I want to go to Japan too. Maybe, next year. 🙂 I am so excited!

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    Wow ! Japan is so beautiful place

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