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Introducing Yourself in Japanese

Posted by on September 27, 2011 in Japanese Study Tools, Learn Japanese | 7 comments

A few days ago I made a video on YouTube talking about how to introduce yourself in Japanese. You can find that video here: Learn Japanese. I asked that everyone make video responses and post them up, and that I would comment on the videos with any tips that I had.

I have had two great submissions and I wanted to post those videos here for everyone to see. Feel free to leave helpful comments you might have and when you get the chance please make a video yourself and post it as a video response.





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    its quite interesting and fun. sore wa omoshiroku to tanoshiku desu.

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    i want more more knowledge, chanllegeng, about japaness language,experience,everything about japaness, everything!

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    minasan konbanwa, hontoni watashi wa nihongo no benkyo da suki, da suki dasuki, onegaishimasu oshette kudasai,

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    sore wa omeshiroku totanoshiku desu

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    its nice..can you pls send me a basic japanese word i want to learn more…thank you

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    gusto ko talaga matuto ng japnese kaya dito ako pumunta )-( lol

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    ayeee.. da ssuke ninponjin.. xd thanksand keep up the good work.. sayonara

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