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Japanese Adjectives in Sentences Part 1

Posted by on September 9, 2009 in Japanese Phrases, Japanese words | 3 comments

Japanese adjectives

A few days ago we made a post listing nearly 100 Japanese words for Describing (adjectives). Over the next few days we will be using those adjectives in sample sentences. Here are the first 10!

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Japanese Phrases and Sentences

1    君は背が高いね。
You are tall.

2   このレストランは少し高い。
This restaurant is a little expensive.

3   低い棚がほしい。
I want a low chest.
* In Japanese, subject is often omitted.

4   これ安いね。
This is cheap.

5   あの家は大きい。
That house is big.

6   君の手は小さい。
Your hands are small.

7   新しいCDを買いました。
I bought a new CD.

8   このバイクは古い。
This bike is old.

9   今日は早く起きた。
I woke up early today.
* If adjective is to modify a verb, the last letter い will change into く.

10  君は足が速い。
You run fast.

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    i love it,it adden my vocabulary…

  2. avatar

    What does ‘kimi’ mean? Is it simply “you”, i,e, anato?

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    kimi is male speech for you and informal way to say ‘friend’.

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